Small:Momma Goose - Baltic Amber Baby Necklace- Amazonite/Amethyst ||Bluebell-1060S

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This necklace is made with beads of genuine Baltic Amber from Lithuania, interspersed with beautiful amethyst & amazonite! Amber is a tree resin that has been fossilized for millions of years. When worn against the skin, the skins warmth releases healing oils from the amber, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Historically, Baltic Amber has been used as a traditional remedy for many ailments. Each gemstone has properties that are beneficial to the wearer. Choose the best size for your baby. Not too loose, not too tight. Just right size will NOT come up over the chin. Not meant for chewing. Has a break-away clasp. Small = 11" to 11.5" (28cm) Medium = 12" to 12.5" (32cm)